Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cheerleaders for katie

My niece, who has had 2 ruptered aneurysms in the last 4 months, is now well enough to start rehab.  I was up visiting her one evening when a Dr. came in to work with her alittle bit.  Katie was getting frustrated and the Dr gave her a pep talk, which included  us also. She told Katie that she was the leader and that everyone around her were her cheerleaders and as long as we were cheering, she had to keep going. Well, of course, what do you think comes to my mind.....  you got it paperdoll cheerleaders  LOL.  I thought that since we could not be there all the time  ,   these could be a simple reminder.  So when I got home I got right to it.

I used the Everday Paperdolls cart and cut them at 10.75 in., I used Stampin'Up cardstock & markers, and some Baker's twine for the bows. 

Her boyfriend was there that night also and Katie said she wanted to see him in a red cheerleading outfit, I think she meant the real thing, but Matt wouldn't cooperate so this was the best we could do.    I brought these up and hung them in her hospital room this week, she loved them and was wondering where hers was so I guess I need to make one of her too.

She has come so far and still has a long road ahead of her but I have faith that she will walk out of that hospital soon.
This is a picture of Katie and her Mom (my sister),  taken 2 days ago.

Thanks for looking  and hope you all have a wonderful day!!

             GO KATIE!!


  1. What a thoughtful and creative idea!!!! Great job. I pray your niece has a speedy recovery. Hugs, Dawn

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart! I hope everything goes smoothly for your niece and she it up and about real soon! What a fun story! The little cheerleaders are just adorable! These should really brighten her room!

  3. Super idea Mare! Prayers coming her way! Keep us posted!

  4. Too funny! The boyfriend cheerleader is great and I am sure your decorative touch will help with her healing and rehab :)

  5. really cute cheerleaders I am now a follower of linky wish you would join be also. hugs


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